What I do at work. Yep – that’s it.

How do you write a page about yourself without coming across as falsely humble or overwhelmingly arrogant?  Oh, and that whole writing about yourself in the third person thing – well just seems like it verges on schizophrenic if you ask me.  I guess the best tactic is to just be straight forward and add a touch of my charm to tickle your interest…

I am really not that interesting – just your average midwestern “Joe” – a husband, father, and pastor.  I have self-diagnosed myself as a sufferer of adult ADD as my focus is shifting, my interests varied, and while a dabbler in many talents – I have yet to master any.

I write because, well just because.  In my late 30’s, I have started to realize that my life is a pattern – and maybe its the ADD talking – but that just doesn’t sit well with me.  I am the type of person that loves to be challenged, but struggles for motivation to challenge myself.  This blog is a result of that – I desire to challenge myself.

While some blogs are specific in their focus, I imagine this one will be pretty diverse, coming pretty close to eclectic at times.  Posts may range anywhere from religion to politics, movies to music, and definitely will contain a healthy dose of my stories and struggles.  Really, this is more therapy for me than it is  you – you are just a sick-o voyeur trying to sneak a peek at my goods 😉  Enjoy your view from the hole in the fence!


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